for our fight against homelessness

Housing is crucial to every person’s health — that’s why we are investing in affordable housing.

In 2018, Kaiser Permanente launched a $200 million Thriving Communities Fund to take on housing instability and homelessness, among other community needs.

And in 2019, we begin making an impact with 3 initiatives:

We established a $100 million loan fund to create and preserve rental homes for low-income residents throughout the areas we serve.

We committed $5.2 million to keep a 41-unit apartment building affordable in a gentrifying neighborhood of Oakland, California.

We are working with local partners and governments to end homelessness for 500 people in Oakland — each of whom has at least one chronic condition and is over 50 years old.

Our approach to investing in shelter for the homeless is helping us deliver on our mission to improve the health of not just individuals, but also the communities we serve.

Learn more about our initiatives to take on housing insecurity

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