November 20, 2018

Toddler Thanksgiving: Healthy cooking for healthy holidays

Watch 2 of our youngest chefs whip up their favorite pumpkin muffin recipe and learn more about how kids can get involved in the kitchen.

“Help” in the kitchen, whether from a tot or a teen, can take on a whole new meaning. Visions of a trashed kitchen and inedible meals may enter your mind. Be prepared for a few messes and some meals that don’t match up to the recipe photo. However, with a few ground rules, having kids help prepare your meal can pay off in big ways.

The benefits of having kids help in the kitchen include:

  • Better eaters
  • Learning
  • Motor-skill development
  • Confidence
  • Family bonds

For more information about these benefits, where to begin, and how to keep the experience fun and safe, check out our Food for Thought post, Kids in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving!