February 13, 2018

The powerful prescription of human connection

For all the gadgets and apps in our lives today, it can be surprisingly easy to find yourself feeling disconnected — lonely, even. There’s good reason for that.

“Humans have evolved as a social species,” says Mason Turner, MD, director, Outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Medicine, Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. “We live together, work together and have established communities that keep us psychologically and physically healthy. We know that those who develop and maintain these communities and relationships live longer because they look out for each other. And they lead happier, more fulfilling lives.”

Total health is about mind, body and spirit. And human connection is a vital contribution to your total health. But if you are feeling socially isolated, don’t despair.

“Start with simple activities like going to a coffee shop and being around others,” says Dr. Turner. “Gradually develop social interactions, whether light and fleeting or deeper and permanent. Deepen your relationships with others through shared experiences, conversations and just spending time with them.”

For more, check out this animated video — and share it with all your favorite humans. Better yet, go see them in person ... and watch the video together!