Top 18 Food for health recipes of 2018

Contributed by Food for health editors

Top 18 Food for health recipes of 2018

Whether it is a cozy soup for a cold winter day, a refreshing spring salad, a zesty summer salsa, or a hearty grain dish for the fall, we enjoy sharing a variety of delicious and healthy recipes with you!

In what is now an annual tradition, here are the most popular recipes of the year. Did your favorite make the list? Let us know in the comments below. We love learning which recipes you enjoyed and what you’d like to see featured.

18. No-bake chocolate avocado pie

17. Banana nut butter crunch

16. Date smoothie

15. Crispy quinoa patties

14. Stir-fry vegetables

13. Bibimbap

12. Chicken “noodle” soup

11. Dark chocolate bark with pistachios and dried cranberries

10. Fall farro salad

9. Chicken soup with vegetables and lime

8. Spring spinach salad

7. Overnight chocolate pudding and strawberry parfait

6. Green soup

5. Hummus and zoodles

4. Farmers market peach salsa

3. Squash and maple buttermilk pancakes

2. DIY salad dressings

And the top recipe for 2018 is …

1. Mini asparagus frittatas

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Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year from your Food for health team!