The top 17 Food for health recipes of 2017

Contributed by Food for health editors

The top 17 Food for health recipes of 2017

From breakfast to dessert — and every delicious meal or snack in between — we enjoy sharing tasty and healthy recipes with you! Thank you to our readers for visiting Food for health and sharing your comments. We love hearing from you and seeing that you’ve tried the recipes. Here are the top 17 Food for health recipes of 2017 — including some old and new favorites.

17. Healthier comfort foods (pizza and brownies)

16. Brown rice banana bread

15. Cold brew coffee

14. Baked salmon with lemon and herbs

13. Bowl of oatmeal banana pecan blueberry pancakes

12. Overnight oatmeal

11. Turkey and veggie chili

10. Easy stir fry

9. Healthier grilled cheese

8. Fresh strawberry pie

7. Grilled peaches

6. Kale salad with couscous, blood orange, and herbs

5. Green asparagus soup

4. Baked apples with brown sugar, cinnamon, almonds, and raisins

3. Roasted squash and shallots with pomegranate and dates

2. Choose your own pizza adventure

And the most popular recipe of 2017 is …

1. Dark chocolate bark with pistachios and dried cranberries

We’re already looking forward to an even better 2018 and hope you’ll join us and share some of your favorite healthy recipes or modifications to our recipes.

Best wishes for a healthy and delicious new year!