Oldies but goodies

I suspect that most of you are different people than those who were receiving my weekly sendall e-mails in the early years of our hospital's farmers' market. Life is busy and many of you probably haven't really had a chance to sift through the archived recipes. While I've got some new recipes to share, this week's posting looks back to spring of 2004. Open the Archive tab, click on 2004, and look for the Grilled New Potatoes and Red Onions and also the Spinach Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette. These recipes don't currently have the nutritional analysis as we added that feature later, but they are basically healthy in moderation. Now's the time for the salad as raspberries won't be in the market that much longer for this season. It was actually good for me to look back also as there are a whole bunch of recipes I really loved which I will try again. Happy almost summer.


Preston Maring, MD