Looking forward … to leftovers!

Here are some ideas for meals to make with leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner.

Contributed by Food for health editors

Looking forward … to leftovers!

Thanksgiving is a great time to start thinking about — and looking forward to — leftovers. Here are some fun ways to tweak your leftovers in the days after the Thanksgiving festivities:

Some of these recipes call for ground turkey, but you can take your leftover turkey meat from Thanksgiving and “grind” it in a food processor until it is roughly the size and consistency of ground meat.

Here’s a bonus recipe, in case you need to take a break from some of the rich Thanksgiving leftovers: Post-Thanksgiving vegetable stew

Please share some of your favorite ways to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers in the comments.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy Thanksgiving — with plenty of leftovers!