Happy banana day

Contributed by Food for health editors

Happy banana day

Bananas are healthy, versatile and portable. They're great for the lunch box, frozen in smoothies or mashed and added to breads and muffins.

In honor of banana day (yes, April 15 is banana day), we are sharing a couple of past recipes and one from another blog. Happy banana day to all!

Frozen banana whip

Nothing beats a frozen dessert on a warm spring or summer day. However, finding an option that is not highly processed or made from dairy (which I can’t eat) and free of added sugars and unhealthy fats is easier said than done. Enter the banana, which is probably the best ever fruit to freeze and blend.This is easy to prepare, tasty, and the best part is, most people love it.

Vegan blueberry banana muffins:

Celebrate banana day (and blueberries) with these healthy and tasty muffins. Mashed banana and a small amount of maple syrup add just the right touch of sweetness, while spelt flour adds some extra protein. All-in-all a healthy breakfast or snack.

Sesame banana bread:

Rustic, delicious and healthy! Try this loaf from the 101 Cookbooks blog with or without the glaze. Toasted sesames add a nice touch.