5 easy breakfast (in bed) recipes for Mother's Day

Contributed by Food for health editors

5 easy breakfast (in bed) recipes for Mother's Day

As a mother of two teens, my wish for Mother's Day would be to wake up to the sound of coffee brewing and some family member cooking up something delicious in the kitchen down the hall. Another family member would deliver the newspaper to me (yes I am of that age that still reads the paper version).

Here are a few recipe ideas for the family (hint, hint):

  • Caramelized onion frittata: A great recipe from Mollie Katzen’s newest cookbook, 
  • The Heart of the Plate: Frittatas are quick, easy, and forgiving. Mollie Katzen adds zucchini, artichoke hearts, and goat cheese in this recipe, which she likens to a “crustless, veg-centric quiche.” You can also replace these veggies with others — cooked and sliced small potatoes or leftover roasted vegetables are great options. And for the record, I'm fine with just the caramelized onions.
  • Asparagus, salmon, and dill omelet: My family knows I'm a huge fan of salmon and asparagus. Add some dill and you'll have the perfect combination. And, if you want to make some extra salmon and asparagus, I'll have that for dinner too!
  • Multi-grain waffles with strawberries: A perfect time to pull out the waffle iron, which was a wedding gift 20 years ago, but still works pretty well.
  • Blueberry cornmeal pancakes: You can't go wrong with blueberry pancakes. Cornmeal adds a bit of crunch here. Pass the warm maple syrup!
  • Muffins: These are my favorite, but any muffins will do, especially when warm right out of the oven. If you have extra blueberries, this recipe also looks great.