Every way you slice it: the pizza round-Up

Contributed by Food for health editors

Every way you slice it: the pizza round-Up

Thick crust, thin crust, extra sauce, no sauce, veggies, meats. Partly for the ooey-gooey chewiness and partly for the convenience, pizza is a favorite food for many people — even if it is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about healthy recipes. Fortunately, many of these healthier pizza components can be made ahead and kept in the freezer for when a pizza craving strikes.

Crust ideas:

 - Half whole wheat pizza crust v1.1

 - Tense pizza crust

Sauce ideas:

 - Bicoastal pizza sauce

 - Cilantro, parsley & jalapeño pesto

And once you have the basics ready, the final pizza combination is up to your imagination and what is available in your fridge or your local market!

Here are some veggie-forward options for inspiration: 

 - Vacation vegetable pizza

 - Leftover corn salad pizza

 - Spinach, mushroom, and spring onion pizza

 - Rainbow chard and roasted cauliflower pizza