October 7, 2008

The whole chicken

I've been known ot buy parts of chickens. Buying a whole chicken is much cheaper in the long run even though you pay for bones. I think it ultimately cost less to pay for bones than to pay someone to remove the bones which is easy to do yourself anyhow.

I used just one of the chicken breasts from a five pounder to do Kung Pao Chicken for two the first night and roasted the rest of the chicken while cooking dinner. (400 degrees for about an hour). I removed the rest of the meat from the bones which, over time, ended up as as part of farro pasta with broccoli for two, chicken tacos (see recent fish tacos recipe --- just sprinkle the shredded chx with ancho chili powder and saute for minute in canola), and two sandwiches for lunches.

That's eight meals from one chicken and, this time, I didn't even use the carcass to make soup.