May 13, 2012

The Weight of the Nation

On Monday and Tuesday evenings 5/14 and 15, HBO will be airing free to anyone with cable TV and also online the four part series “The Weight of the Nation.” They made this documentary in partnership with the institute of Medicine, the National Institute of Health, and the Center for Disease Control to bring our country’s obesity epidemic front and center in the national conversation. This series was made possible by funding from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and from Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente knows that, on average, people only spend 1 day in 365 at the doctor’s office. Real health is created where people live, work, learn, and play. Support for the series is a very visible example of KP’s commitment to the total health of communities around the country.

In addition to the shocking, disturbing, and inspiring hour long films, there are 12 bonus short videos available at that look at various issues in more depth. One of the shorts includes our work at KP to bring healthy food into health care.

2/3 of us are overweight or obese. Our children are the first generation that will have a shorter life expectancy than us because of long term health effects of diabetes. We can change this future.

Watching this series is a start — but just a start.

Fresh foods instead of packaged and processed foods. Exercise. It sounds simple but it isn’t with unhealthy food so readily available. Watch the series. It may change your life.