October 22, 2007

Some things that matter

There are many things in life that matter. Making sure your brakes are in good shape, and that you have good tires matters. Brushing your teeth and keeping your eye glasses prescription current matters. I am also learning that how you handle salad greens matters.

In the past, I haven’t treated greens as delicately as they deserve. I admit to cramming the salad spinner full of lettuces, spinning it just a couple of times, then wrapping the greens in a towel bruising many of the leaves in the process. Only recently have I filled the spinner no more than half full, and spun it about twenty times to get the leaves as dry as possible. You will be surprised when you see how much more water comes off of the leaves when you do this. Even a few drops of water make it hard for the dressing to adhere to the leaves. These are minor details but they can help bring the best out of what you bring home from the farmers’ market.