April 18, 2011

Mr. Rodriquez is back!

For me, spring is not officially here until Mr. Roberto Rodriquez comes back to my market with luscious strawberries. For those who haven't heard about him before, he has 35 acres of strawberries in Watsonville. When his wife had a little girl 8 years ago, he started growing the acreage close to home organically so his daughter wouldn't be exposed to the pesticides commonly used on berries. I need to ask again, but about a year ago he explained that only about half his acreage was organic because there wasn't enough demand for him to grow his whole farm organically. The men and women he employs want work to be available 7 days a week in season so he still needed to grow half the usual way.

Just maybe Mr. Rodriquez' entire farm will be organic some day.

And try this from one of my old postings ---- juice some sweet tangerines (I used minneolas from Lone Oak Ranch --- a juicy cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. There are all kinds of genetic wonders at the market. Just wait for apriums and pluots) into little fancy bowls. Add cut up strawberries. Chill before serving. Superb dessert.