May 31, 2010

"KP Gets Cooking" tour begins

Over the next few months I will have the opportunity to visit over 25 Kaiser Permanente facilities to meet with groups of employees to talk about cooking and eating fresh, sustainably produced foods. We'll focus on food that's good for those who eat it, good for those who grow it, good for the planet, and good for budgets.

I have asked many groups I've spoken to in the past year what they think it costs to take a family of four to a basic sit-down restaurant. The range is anywhere from $40 to $60. Think about it --- cooking one extra meal at home per week instead of going out could save $20, $30, and maybe even $45.

It all starts with a sharp chef's knife. Make sure you have a knife that fits your hand, a simple knife sharpener (not just steel that fines tunes your knife), and a couple of cutting boards. You'll save enough money to buy organic strawberries and have fun in the kitchen.