February 25, 2013

Kaiser Permanente and Georgia Organics

Kaiser Permanente serves almost a quarter of a million people in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Knowing the critical role of good clean food for good health, they were the main sponsor for the annual Georgia Organics conference held at the main Atlanta airport convention center. Seven years ago 100 people attended. This year 1300 registered. People from all parts of the food system gathered for multiple farm tours, educational workshops and plenary session speeches over two days.

I had the privilege to talk about the work we have done in KP nationally bringing good food to our patients, staff, and surrounding neighborhoods at our 52 farmers markets. It's possible that some health care markets may start in Georgia.

If there are farmers looking for a direct marketing opportunity, there are many people at and near the hospitals to buy the fruits and vegetables.

I met a lot of wonderful and welcoming people in the two days there. Georgia Organics and Kaiser Permanente seem to be good partners as they work to grow a healthier future in the area.