March 23, 2011

Eat mostly food without barcodes

As you all know, eating many meals prepared from fresh foods is a wonderful way to create joy and healthy future. I am always looking for the simplest message to communicate that.

At a recent conference looking at all the intersections of health and technology, I saw a demo of an app that scans the barcode of any product with your smartphone and grades the product as to how healthy it is or not. The app also provides healthier alternatives eg some sort of packaged fruit bar snack would best be replaced with an apple.

When questioned about the availability of information about fresh fruits and veggies, the developer appropriately stated that things that grow on trees, bushes, or in the ground don't need analysis. He suggested it's best to eat mainly foods without barcodes.

I really like this message. I may go for a few things with barcodes --- yeast, spices, seasonings, olive oil, vinegar, etc but, in general, this sounds like great, simple advice.