September 3, 2007

Dinner for 60

Friends from within and outside of work, my wife, and I are going to cook dinner for 60-70 people at the home of a colleague who has the space. The whole thing is a little scary but I take solace in the fact that a patient of mine makes lunch from scratch for 900 high school students every school day with the help of only one other person. No more “heat and eat” food for these kids. If she can do it, so can our team. It helps, of course, to have the privilege to know a really good farmer who has amazing biodiversity on her farm. I have written about Full Belly Farm recently.

Here’s my shopping list. She doesn’t have the tarragon, parsley, Spanish onions or shallots. I will get those and all the stonefruit I need from other vendors at local markets.

Shopping list for the Cooking for Kids dinner party -- pick up at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers’ Market

10 pounds heirlooms and cherry tomatoes mixed -- mostly heirlooms

3 pounds some kind of cooking tomatoes for the Byaldi piperade

12 Roma tomatoes or equivalent

20 pounds new potatoes -- not too big so I can boil whole

10 Spanish onions

5 yellow onions (maybe these are actually the same as Spanish onions - I don’t know)

5 red onions

10 Armenian cucumbers or any kind I don’t have to peel

10 shallots

4 heads garlic

30 red bell peppers

2 yellow peppers

2 orange peppers (not fussy here --- could all be red)

2 zucchini

2 Japanese eggplants

2 yellow squash

If you have it:

8 bunches chives

4 bunches tarragon

6 bunches basil

3 bunches parsley