February 9, 2008

Back to the future – Lentil soup with chard

With many of the new technologies available today, I know I take advantage of only an infinitesimal fraction of the capabilities that exist. For example, I don’t watch You Tube on my iPod.

Many of you have probably never tried the archives on my website. Try going to the search window and typing in lentils. Find the lentil soup with chard. Find a Middle Eastern market and buy some powdered sumac. Maybe even make the meatballs using grass fed beef or ground turkey from an eco-friendly turkey farm. I made this soup again recently and loved it. Most of the recipes I've shared since we opened Kaiser Permanente's first farmers' market are available in the archives in the year they were originally published.

Stay tuned for an updated 1/2 whole wheat pizza crust recipe that is really easy.