November 6, 2007

Another small step

Copied and pasted below is an e-mail from Kaiser Permanente's lead dietitian in National Procurement and Supply. Here she is writing all the facility based food service managers at our 19 hospitals. She tells the evolving story well.

"Hello, On Tuesday, November 6, patient dinner trays will feature Fuyu Persimmons as the seasonal fruit. This squatty, round fruit is yellow-orange in color, and looks like a mini pumpkin or perhaps a slightly flattened tomato. It is locally sourced from the Quinco Farm in Marysville, CA, a certified organic, family-owned and operated farm. This time of year, the selections of fruits from the small, local farms are less -- especially relative to the typical fruits served on the patient menus. Expanding our options, CAFF and Growers Collaborative have provided Kaiser Permanente with the opportunity to feature Fuyu Persimmons as a seasonal fruit. Familiar to some, mysterious to many, the Fuyu Persimmon is an intriguing fruit that deserves to be better known. This species, native to China, was cultivated first in parts of East Asia, and was later introduced to California and southern Europe in the 1800's. Fuyu Persimmon is a type of non-astringent persimmon that is ready to be eaten when firm. It has a crisp, slightly sweet taste, and it is easily eaten like an Asian Pear. When serving something new and different, it can be helpful to increase awareness, knowledge, and appreciation to boost enjoyment and acceptance. Incorporating the Fuyu Persimmon, on our seasonal fruit calendar, offers the palate pleasures of locally sourced fruit that is picked at it's true peak of the season for best flavor, and supports KP's commitment to local agriculture all year long.

Many thanks for taking the time to share this information with staff and patients.

Finally,  please let me know if the Fuyu Persimmon is well-received and can be included on the seasonal fruit rotation. Greatly appreciate your feedback by Nov 8th. THANKS! "