September 18, 2013

A great beginning

Like many grandparents around the world, I am in wonder watching my granddaughter grow and learn. I'd like to keep learning as much every day as she. She has thrived so far on the best local food that there is for babies. My daughter in law has provided all the input and my son has handled a lot of the output. But at six months, he can begin to contribute to the input as well. I think I remember enjoying the process of making baby food and watching him actually eat it.

Parents are bombarded with so much more information than in the past. Dire warnings come at you from all sides. Check this from a recent New Yorker.

Dread two

But it's possible to combat the angst. I think the best diet for any age is fresh food you cook yourself and then you know exactly what's in it. What better way to start the solid food part of your life then fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables? Too expensive some will say. From what I understand, little containers of pureed baby food are $1.29 each. It's OK to get these if you're in a pinch. Here's another way: Cook the chunks (sous vide here) then puree them in a blender. Probably won't be as convenient as the little packages, but will be a lot cheaper. And don't worry if you aren't able to take the sous vide approach - you can easily steam them.


And, it's going to be particularly easy as a grandfather. I bet these goodies will be all pureed by the time I show up to baby sit.