Disability is not inability

Our employees with disabilities contribute unique perspectives and experiences, making us a better health care provider for our members and communities.


"I have bipolar disorder and panic disorder. I’ve had panic attacks in meetings, and my team understands and is very supportive. Until I came to Kaiser Permanente, I was unable to receive the right diagnoses or care. Thanks to my work team and my care teams, I’m now in a supportive environment where I can shine."

Janna Webbon
Research Support Specialist
Seattle, Washington


"Following an accident, doctors said I’d likely never walk again. However, I beat the odds, walking back into work 5 months later using a walker. I’m passionate about accessibility, so I encourage my colleagues and other businesses to view their spaces through my eyes, helping them identify and remove barriers they may not have noticed before."

Michelle Klevesahl, RN
Director, Systems, Solutions, and Deployment
Atlanta, Georgia


"I was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. I focus on the positive and take every opportunity to educate people on disability and inclusion. Through my work in Community Health, I help ensure that people with disabilities are part of our dialogue about healthy communities and disadvantaged populations."

Jessica Minor
Program Coordinator, Community Health
Rockville, Maryland


"I live with bipolar disorder, which can make what is a typical day for others feel overwhelming for me. When my anxiety rises, I stay calm by doing things like making lists to quiet and clear my mind. I’m grateful for my colleagues; they understand my challenges and help whenever they see I’m struggling."

Jody Saylor
Operations Supervisor, Regional Material Management
Pasadena, California


"Being an amputee has not limited me from living a full life or accomplishing my dreams. Outside of serving Kaiser Permanente members as an optician, I volunteer as a peer trainer with Amputee Coalition of America helping new amputees deal with the many challenges life may bring."

Zakya Temory
Dispensing Optician
Woodland Hills, California


"I live with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. On my worst days you might see my forearm crutches; on other days, my disability is invisible. Though I might be struggling, you will always see my smile. Thanks to Kaiser Permanente, I can thrive at work and support my family. I am deeply grateful."

Sherina Hagen, RN (left)
Consultant, Clinical Effectiveness
Pasadena, California


"I live with several chronic autoimmune issues, so it can be challenging to balance work and medical needs. As a member and employee of Kaiser Permanente, I get wonderful care and the accommodations I need so I can manage my conditions and do work that makes a difference."

MiMi Bernal-Graves
Learning and Development Consultant
Lake Oswego, Oregon


"I’ve never known life without cerebral palsy. It is my normal. It can make work challenging, and with the right accommodations I can make an even greater contribution. When we support a highly diverse workforce, we truly reflect our membership and can advocate for their unique needs unlike anyone else."

Michael Siver (right)
Co-Founder and National Co-Chair of KPability
Senior Learning Consultant
Pleasanton, California


"In addition to raising 2 children with disabilities and working full time, I am a Boy Scouts volunteer actively building disability awareness among boys and adult leaders. With the help of inspiring community members with disabilities, we are teaching scouts how they can support and enrich the lives of those with life challenges."

Ann Bruner-Welch
Senior Physician Assistant
Perioperative Medicine Clinic
Santa Rosa, California


"I’ve been a wheelchair user for more than 43 years and I share my experiences with rehab patients. In my life I focus on the possibilities rather than my limitations, and I hope to inspire my patients to do the same, to live the life they want to live."

Gina Biter-Mundt
Adaptive Sports Consultant
Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center
Vallejo, California