June 5, 2015

Vive la différence at Kaiser Industries

Contributed by Lincoln Cushing, Archivist and Historian

Behold this cover of Kaiser Employees Home Office, the in-house magazine for Kaiser Industries employees, March, 1964.

1964 magazine cover of 'Kaiser Employees Home Office' magazine with images of fashionable women of the time.

“Previewing a few of many chic fashions to be seen April 4 at Number 10 Jack London Square (Oakland, California) are Ila Sindel (Henry J. Kaiser Company) showing how to “slack up” and enjoy home or holiday; Donna Johanson (Kaiser Steel Corporation) about to go singing in the rain; Kathleen Barbour (Kaiser Aluminum) as the casual hostess; Laura Spyres (Henry J. Kaiser Company) at the office; Beverly Watson (Kaiser Aluminum) bettering par for the course; Carol Donicht (Kaiser Aluminum) ready for any suitable occasion; Mary Close (Kaiser Foundation Health Plan) on an afternoon in town.”

Things have changed a bit over the years — here’s a video of Kaiser Permanente employees in Northern California celebrating Earth Day with a “Waste to Fashion” show, making and modelling clothes from recycled materials. The trendy “trashion” shows first broke into the limelight in April 2014, when employees and physicians at our Roseville Medical Center put on a show.