April 10, 2012

Richmond shipyard women - Homefront heroines

A recent gift to the Heritage Resources archive - a Kaiser Richmond Shipyards photo of 20 female workers, one happy fellow, and a nurse. This acquisition was from Terry Meneze, granddaughter of Mamie Allen (middle row, far right) who came to California from a dustbowl cotton farm in Oklahoma in 1942 with her four children seeking a better life.





Names and cities of origin are written on the back, but not linked to any face. Frances Huff, Salem, Illinois - "Slow Poke"; Muriel Kidd, Evanston, Wyoming; Ina Hallum, Arkansas; Gertrude "Bobby" Fall, California; Helen Brashear, Oklahoma; Donna Lee Tudder, McGee "Cale"; Shirley Marriott, "Dumbo", Ogden, Utah; Viola Meddo, Oklahoma; Sally Perata; Anita Siehl, San Francisco, California; Myrtle Dedman, Trumann, Arkansas; Wilma Salonish, California, "Prune","Mrs. Mike"; Eunice Smith, "Little Smitty Honey," Wisconsin; Willie Rogers, Louisiana; Mrs. Medley, Arkansas; Christine Cole, McAlester, Oklahoma; Lois Allen, Fargo, North Dakota; Louelle Erikson, Billings, Montana; Lois Stoelting; Mamie Allen.