April 10, 2012

Richmond shipyard women — Homefront heroines

Contributed by Lincoln Cushing, Archivist and Historian

A recent gift to the Heritage Resources archive — a Kaiser Richmond Shipyards photo of 20 female workers, one happy fellow, and a nurse. This acquisition was from Terry Meneze, granddaughter of Mamie Allen (middle row, far right) who came to California from a dustbowl cotton farm in Oklahoma in 1942 with her four children seeking a better life.

black and white group photo of women standing dressed in work clothes

Names and cities of origin are written on the back, but not linked to any face. Frances Huff, Salem, Illinois — "Slow Poke"; Muriel Kidd, Evanston, Wyoming; Ina Hallum, Arkansas; Gertrude "Bobby" Fall, California; Helen Brashear, Oklahoma; Donna Lee Tudder, McGee "Cale"; Shirley Marriott, "Dumbo", Ogden, Utah; Viola Meddo, Oklahoma; Sally Perata; Anita Siehl, San Francisco, California; Myrtle Dedman, Trumann, Arkansas; Wilma Salonish, California, "Prune","Mrs. Mike"; Eunice Smith, "Little Smitty Honey," Wisconsin; Willie Rogers, Louisiana; Mrs. Medley, Arkansas; Christine Cole, McAlester, Oklahoma; Lois Allen, Fargo, North Dakota; Louelle Erikson, Billings, Montana; Lois Stoelting; Mamie Allen.