April 13, 2014

Jet lag no problem for Rosies and friends

Fundraising dinner fetes World War II Kaiser Shipyards workers

McKey sisters
The McKey sisters, Marian Sousa, 88, (at left) and Phyllis Gould, 92, both workers in the WWII Richmond Shipyards, seem no worse for wear after spending a week in Washington DC as guests of Vice President Joe Biden.
Margaret Archie
WWII Richmond Kaiser Shipyard worker Margaret Archie amid the hustle bustle of the Saturday evening event at F&P Cannery in Richmond, Calif.
Richmond Kaiser Shipyard workers
Richmond Kaiser Shipyard workers gathered Saturday evening for the Rosie the Riveter Trust annual fundraising dinner. The six Rosies who went to Washington DC were there as were several other 1940s war industry workers. At right of center is Betty Soskin-Reid, who at 92 is a ranger for the Rosie National Historical Park in Richmond, Calif. Betty worked during the war as a clerk in the Jim Crow Boilermakers’ Union in Richmond.
JAC Vocal Trio
The JAC Vocal Trio entertained the partygoers with World War II era songs.
David Otey and Kay Morrison
Retired Kaiser Permanente staffer David Otey poses with Kay Morrison, the WWII Richmond shipyard worker who gave President Obama a kiss on the lips during the Rosies’ visit to the White House March 31. Kaiser Permanente, born in the Kaiser wartime shipyards, was one of the sponsors that helped the Rosies get to Washington and was also a sponsor of the gala event.