December 28, 2017

Happy New Year — 1942!

Contributed by Lincoln Cushing, Archivist and Historian

Fore 'n' Aft, January 1, 1942

New years are a time of reflection and hope — of birth, death, and hopefully a healthy life in between.

The caption for this cover of the Kaiser Richmond shipyard weekly magazine Fore ‘n’ Aft was: “Happy New Year goes double. Left is Jo-Anne and her twin brother, George Thomas, three-months-old children of George W. Peterson, purchasing agent at the Todd-California shipyard.”

Note that this issue came out the month after Pearl Harbor was attacked, and the Kaiser yards had already built five cargo ships for the British government. With the United States now involved in the war, the F&A editorial soberly pointed out the new reality:

The New Year will be a Defense Year. It will be a year in which we must all do our utmost to defend our country — our freedom, our rights- all that we live for. Our young men are giving their lives, or, at least, important years of their lives, to the Army, the Navy and the Marines. They are fighting on land, sea, and in the air to defend our coasts and outposts.

This year, we wish the best for all the Jo-Annes, and Georges, and children of the world.