December 10, 2019

Sharing reliable, accessible information on birth control

The Kaiser Permanente Birth Control Center provides unbiased, accurate information online about contraception for people of all ages.

Ella Morgan, member of the Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Teen Advisory Committee, with her mom.

When Ella Morgan began having questions about birth control, she turned to her mom for advice. They had open conversations about options, and her mom showed Ella where she could access more information on After getting additional guidance from her doctor, Ella was able to make decisions about birth control that best suits her needs.

But not all teens know where to find answers to their questions. “There’s a lot of information on the internet, but it’s not all credible,” Ella noted. She is a member of the Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Teen Advisory Committee, a group that meets once a month with teens from local high schools to help ensure teen health services are designed with their input and perspectives in mind. 

Kaiser Permanente’s Birth Control Center on — — was developed by a group of physicians, midwives, and nurses, with important input from the teen advisory committee. The online resource, also available in Spanish, describes contraceptive options, diving into each of the 15 methods in unbiased language, and helps people select the method that may be best for them by showing which are easiest to use, most effective, and lowest in hormones. The site also addresses common myths about birth control and informs teens about their right to privacy and confidentiality.  

Around-the-clock access to information

“We felt like members needed a convenient method of obtaining comprehensive information about birth control in easy-to-understand language they could access 24/7,” said ob-gyn Jennifer Seidel, MD, regional medical director of Reproductive Health and Urology for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado. “We wanted to create a comprehensive and reliable resource that’s simple for people to navigate based on their life and what’s most important to them.”

Anyone can access the Birth Control Center. Additional support in scheduling confidential appointments by phone or in person, requesting email advice, and taking the steps needed to obtain contraception is available only to Kaiser Permanente members.  

While teens are certainly at risk of accessing inaccurate information on the internet, Dr. Seidel noted that the online birth control center is also an important resource for parents looking for ways to support their children and for adults who need reliable information for their own needs. As new information and studies are released, the birth control center is updated so it’s something people can depend on over the long term.

“My hope is that this website becomes a place for teens and others to go when they have questions about birth control, and that friends share this resource with each other,” said Ella. “It’s a great place to start finding answers.”