May 6, 2019

On the front line of care and innovation

Our skilled nurses fill many roles, all playing a vital part in providing and transforming care to improve the health of our members, patients, communities, and nation.

After Rory Rochelle earned a degree in health education and rehabilitation, he wasn’t fully satisfied.

Nursing caught his attention.

“I watched nurses in action and was so impressed. They spoke up and people listened. I said, ‘That’s the role I want.’ That’s when I decided to go to nursing school,” said Rochelle, who is now director of nursing professional practice and development for Kaiser Permanente’s Washington Region.

Rochelle is one of more than 59,000 nurses at Kaiser Permanente. They hold a wide range of vital roles — caring for our members and patients, and using their hands-on knowledge to lead innovation in medical centers, hospitals, home care, rehabilitation centers, outpatient surgery centers, and more.

For example, nurses are part of the faculty team influencing several aspects of the curriculum at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, which opens in 2020. Nurses will also join pharmacists at the medical school to create teams that mirror practice. In the clinic and in hospitals, nurses also take on the role of educator by delivering patient education.

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente also manage most care coordination; provide front-line input on new technology and handle most transfers between hospitals, home, and rehabilitation. Our nurses continue to identify and implement the best ways to practice nursing, to communicate, to use new ideas and technology, to conduct research that leads to care transformation, and to improve the Kaiser Permanente member experience.

To learn more about how our nurses are transforming care, visit Kaiser Permanente Nursing

“Nurses need to be multicultural, multigenerational, and multigender and need to speak multiple languages. Kaiser Permanente is well poised to lead the way. This is a great time to be in nursing.”

“Nurses are providing education, enhancing success with treatment plans, and promoting positive change. Our nurses are working to realize the value of Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health system.”

“The future of health care is team-based. We’re making sure that every year our medical school students are engaged in team-based learning with other professions. “

“Transformation of care delivery won’t happen unless we use modern technologies and successfully integrate them into the workflow.”

“Because Kaiser Permanente is an integrated health care system, we can reach out everywhere that the patient is touched.”