November 21, 2017

Safety alert from event at Cherry Creek Shopping Center

As part of Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to safety, we are contacting you about a potential concern involving snack bags handed out at a Kaiser Permanente event booth on Saturday, Nov. 18, at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver.

On that day, we were packaging snacks for attendees at the mall during a holiday kick-off celebration when a glass container holding raisins became chipped. Our vendor operating the booth immediately threw out the container when they noticed the quarter-sized chip. However, tonight we learned that at least two snack packs contained small pieces of glass. It is unknown if there are others. While we believe this poses a very low risk to anyone who may have ingested these snacks, as a precaution, we ask anyone who still has these bags to dispose of them.

We have not heard of anyone who has experienced health issues resulting from this unusual incident. According to medical specialists, the risk of harm from this incident is extremely low, as the vast majority of any small foreign bodies ingested pass through the body within 2-3 days without complications.

We sincerely apologize and commit to a full review to understand how this happened so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Anyone with questions or concerns may call: 303-338-4545.