August 22, 2007

KP HealthConnect™ Cited in British Medical Journal Paper on Potential of Electronic Medical Records

KP HealthConnect™, Kaiser Permanente's electronic medical record system, was recognized in a British Medical Journal study Aug. 21 about the future and potential of online access to health information.

The article, titled "Potential of electronic personal health records," examines the growing worldwide trend toward flexible access to health information and services. It notes that in Great Britain, the National Health Service is poised to launch NHS HealthSpace, which is expected to be the world's first national electronic medical record system.

"Electronic personal health records have the potential to empower patients through greater access to personal data, health information, and communications tools, which may aid self care, shared decision making, and clinical outcomes," the study's extract states.

That's already happening at Kaiser Permanente through KP HealthConnect, which is the world's largest civilian electronic health record project. More than 8.5 million of Kaiser Permanente's members have access to portions of their KP HealthConnect™ electronic health record, helping them manage their care online at (link). Kaiser Permanente members have sent 3 million secure messages to their caregivers this year through KP HealthConnect's "E-mail your doctor" function. More than 6 million Kaiser Permanente members are routinely treated with an electronic chart in an outpatient setting today.

The extract of the British Medical Journal study is available for free through the journal’s website.