February 20, 2019

Health care leaders rank us number one for high-quality care

Annual survey shows organization is top of mind among best health care systems in the nation.

In a recent survey of nearly 350 hospital and health system leaders, Kaiser Permanente was named the nation’s best at "delivering high quality care at a sustainable cost."

Reaction Data, a health care-specific research platform, polled hospital and health system executives and department heads from across the United States to identify leading organizations in the eyes of their peers. In its subsequent report, Hospital Brand Equity 2019, Kaiser Permanente stood out as the most frequently cited organization for “highest quality” and ranked among the 5 best health care organizations in the nation, along with Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, and Geisinger Health, as “most innovative” and “top thought leader.”

Survey respondents were not given prompts and could choose whatever organization they wanted from thousands across the country, Reaction Data said. According to the report, these institutions “go to extraordinary lengths to provide excellent care at reduced cost. In addition to benefitting health care in their own communities, the efforts of these select organizations also attract national attention — particularly among peer organizations.”