April 18, 2018

Impact of community health initiatives, by the numbers


Over a decade of building community health through...

  • Place-based community health efforts
  • Policy, systems and environmental changes
  • Scaling change through partnerships & networks
  • Leveraging our assets to drive total health
  • Clinic-to-community integration
  • Building the capacity of communities

60+ place-based collaboratives

Reaching 715,000 community residents including 209,000 school-aged kids, surrounding them with healthier options.

  • 730 strategies have been implemented in our communities
  • 69 percent of strategies show evidence of healthy behavior change

Building community health

  • School nutrition policies and physical education standards
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Safe routes to school and complete streets
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Resident mobilization and youth engagement
  • BMI screening and counseling
  • Farmers markets and community gardens
  • Heathy food retail
  • Physician advocates
  • Worksite wellness policies and promotion

Scaling our impact

Healthy Eating, Active Living Cities Campaign

2,400+ elected officials engaged, supporting the adoption of 950 policies in 337 cities reaching 20 million people.

Making healthy changes in:

  • land use
  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • employee wellness

Leading meaningful changes in:

  • healthy food
  • physical activity
  • school employee wellness
  • resilient school environments

Partnering with schools to create healthier school environments in more than 350 schools and 115 school districts across Kaiser Permanente service areas.

30+ peer-reviewed publications

Pioneering the concept of  REACH (number of lives touched) x STRENGTH  (impact on each person touched) = DOSE as a way to design and evaluate strategies for improving community health.

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