These videos and podcasts highlight a selection of our studies and the people behind our research.


These videos and podcasts highlight a selection of our studies and the people behind our research.

The videos and podcasts below highlight a selection of our studies and the people behind our research. Learn about a study focused on healthy diets for pregnant women, see a campaign aimed at raising awareness for colon cancer, and find overviews of some of our regional and national research centers.

Videos & Podcasts

Most Patients with Chronic Pain Use Alternative Therapies, But Many Don’t Tell Their Doctors

A new Kaiser Permanente study shows that more than half of patients with chronic pain enrolled in a managed care setting use chiropractic care or acupuncture.

Study: Vitamin D, Calcium Do Not Improve Menopause Symptoms

According to a new Kaiser Permanente study published in the journal Maturitas, vitamin D and calcium do nothing to improve the symptoms associated with menopause.

Food and Fitness During Pregnancy: You Don’t Need to Eat for Two

More than half of pregnant women in the U.S. gain more weight than recommended, which can lead to difficult deliveries and other complications, plus a higher risk of obesity for those children later in life.

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Effectiveness & Safety Research

The Center leverages the expertise of Kaiser Permanente’s seven regional research centers to answer comparative effectiveness and safety questions.

Healthy Moms

A Kaiser Permanente study finds obese women who limit pregnancy weight gain reduce the risk for having large babies, which can lead to complications

Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, 50th Anniversary

This brief video offers highlights from a half-century of conducting health research and looks ahead to the Center’s future.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Now They're Talking About Colon Cancer

Most people can wait until they’re 50 for a colon cancer screening test, but it’s never too soon to start learning about it.

The Better Way to Manage Chronic Pain

After participating in the Pain Program for Active Coping & Training, Katie can take a more active role in managing her pain.

Current Research at the Autism Research Program, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research

Lisa Croen, PhD, director of the Autism Research Program, discusses current research findings and new autism prevalence rates.

Mailing Free Tests to Patients' Homes Boots Colon Cancer Screening Rates

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S., but with early screening, many of these cancers are preventable.

At-Home Test Will Detect More Colon Cancers

The FIT (or fecal immunochemical test) can be done at home and will detect most colorectal cancers, per a published evidence review.

Study: Consumers Not Getting Amounts of Vitamin D That Labels Disclose

The amount of Vitamin D in over-the-counter supplements can vary widely and often does not match the amount listed on the label.

Kaiser Permanente's William Towner, MD, Discusses HIV/AIDS Research

The head of Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s HIV Medical Care Program discusses the remarkable progress that has been made.

Kaiser Permanente Division of Research 50th Celebration

From its launch in 1961, the Division of Research began compiling data from “multi-phasic” testing that is used to this day.

Kaiser Permanente Study: Teens and Young Adults Have a Lot to Learn About HPV Vaccine

Young girls still have much to learn about the HPV vaccine, which has been recommended since 2006, and is now also recommended for boys.