June 17, 2021

The Supreme Court preserves the Affordable Care Act

A statement from chair and chief executive officer Greg A. Adams.

The Affordable Care Act, when it was enacted in 2010, extended health coverage to 20 million people and provided millions more with stronger coverage. The Supreme Court’s decision in California v. Texas to uphold the law protects those gains and the individuals and families who rely on them. As we’ve seen most recently during the pandemic, millions of Americans facing economic uncertainty have been able to count on the ACA for coverage, regardless of their health status or preexisting conditions.

Kaiser Permanente will continue to advocate for a U.S. health care system that is affordable, sustainable, and delivers high-quality care. There is important work to do. We encourage policymakers to focus on consolidating the gains we have made over the past decade that have enabled millions more people to access health care and coverage than ever before.