October 15, 2020

Offering seniors and caregivers extra support

With features designed for KP Medicare plan members, a new personal medical alert service helps seniors stay safe while maintaining their independence.

Lively Mobile Plus includes a mobile PERS, or personal emergency response system, device and a co-branded smartphone app for the member’s caregivers.

A growing number of Kaiser Permanente members are part of the “sandwich generation,” meaning they’re raising their own children while also caring for aging parents. For these members, juggling their responsibilities can be especially challenging when supporting the health and safety of a senior who may want to remain independent at home.

To help seniors and their caregivers, Kaiser Permanente teamed up with Best Buy Health to offer LivelyTM Mobile Plus, a tool that combines technology and assistance services to support active, independent aging.

“Lively Mobile has been a significant, life-changing tool for my family these past several months,” said Khanh Nguyen, a Kaiser Permanente employee, who took part in the Lively Mobile Plus pilot in 2019. “The ability to instantly locate my mother, the reassurance that I would be contacted immediately in the event of an emergency, and the trust in knowing that emergency responders would have access to her updated medical profile make this program an invaluable benefit for my family.”

“Part of our responsibility is to expand support for members’ health — and do so in a way that highlights what Kaiser Permanente can uniquely offer seniors and caregivers,” said Agnes Strandberg, senior vice president, Kaiser Permanente Medicare program.

How Lively Mobile Plus works

Lively Mobile Plus is a 2-way communication device that can provide help at home or on the go, 24/7, with a press of a button.

When a member presses that button, he or she will connect to a highly trained urgent response agent who can send help if the person is locked out of the house, experiences car trouble, is in potential danger, or is experiencing a medical emergency. Best Buy Health’s urgent response service agents also can provide basic navigational assistance such as locating a Kaiser Permanente facility, looking up facility hours, or contacting member services.

The Lively Mobile Plus personal emergency response system includes a smartphone app that allows family, friends, and caregivers to stay informed about the member’s safety and provides easy access to Kaiser Permanente resources.  

Lively Mobile Plus is now available through the Kaiser Permanente Medicare Affinity Program, which features partnerships with leading organizations that allow Medicare members to receive nonmedical products and services at discounted prices. 

“We started this project before the COVID-19 pandemic and this has only become more relevant to help family caregivers get peace of mind,” said Chris Stenzel, vice president, Business Development and Innovation at Kaiser Permanente. “We’re excited to help our members navigate challenges in ways that fit seamlessly with their daily lives.”

Kaiser Permanente Medicare plan members can sign up for Lively Mobile Plus or learn more at www.greatcall.com/kp.