October 29, 2019

Kaiser Permanente recognized for employee health program

For the second consecutive year, Kaiser Permanente receives an honorable mention for its workforce well-being programs.

Kaiser Permanente supports the total health of our employees with programs and resources that inspire, encourage, and motivate them to live healthier lives and deliver high-quality care for our members and patients. In recognition of these efforts, Kaiser Permanente received an honorable mention designation for The Health Project’s 2019 C. Everett Koop National Health Awards for having a positive impact on employee health and providing value on investment for the organization. This marks the second consecutive year that Kaiser Permanente has received this designation.

At Kaiser Permanente, a healthy workforce enables our mission to deliver affordable, high-quality care. Healthy, happy employees do their best work and fuel the innovation that will help us continue to transform health and health care. With the goal of creating the most thriving and resilient workforce in health care, we have expanded from a focus on physical wellness to building and nurturing a more holistic culture of safety, health, and well-being. Our program now includes a broad and growing suite of tools, resources, and services to help our employees address mental health, and to support financial, social, and career wellness.

“It is an honor to be recognized by The Health Project for our commitment to our employees’ overall health and well-being,” said Maria Dee, executive director of Workforce Well-Being at Kaiser Permanente. “Our workforce wellness program’s innovative structure and network of champions across Kaiser Permanente help to embed well-being in our employees’ day-to-day work activities. This approach to workforce health helps us to strategically engage with employees to learn more about what they want in health of mind, body, and spirit, ensuring that they continue to thrive and provide high-quality care for our members.”

Furthermore, we extend our commitment to total health by sharing many of our award-winning workforce well-being programs with employer groups that offer Kaiser Permanente coverage to their employees. These employer groups can apply these programs to help create a workplace culture that encourages healthier lifestyles and improves employee health throughout their organizations.

The Health Project, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation formed to bring about critical attitudinal and behavioral changes in addressing the health and well-being of Americans. It focuses on improving personal health care practices and supporting population health by reaching adults where they spend most of their waking hours — at work.