February 4, 2019

On the road to survival after cancer diagnosis and treatment

Heidi Hayes’ care team sprang into action to save her life after her cancer diagnosis.

When Heidi Hayes found a lump in her breast, her first impulse was to ignore it. But as months passed, and the lump didn’t go away, she heeded her husband’s urging to see her doctor.

Less than a week later, Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her care team at Kaiser Permanente sprang into action.

“I was able to see the breast surgeon in the morning, walk upstairs and see the geneticist, have a mammogram and blood work — everything under one roof, in one day, and it was really, really quick. ... Had I gone with anyone other than Kaiser Permanente, it could have taken weeks.”

Learn how Kaiser Permanente is saving lives with its team-based approach to cancer care.