March 16, 2017

Quick action may have saved young boy's life

Casey Gernon was quick to take action when there was a little boy who needed immediate assistance. It was while working as an EMT — in addition to her "day" job as a physician assistant for Kaiser Permanente’s Victorville Medical Offices in Southern California — that Gernon arrived at a non-Kaiser Permanente hospital to help care for a mom and her three small children who'd been injured in a car accident.

She (and her trusty teddy bear) tended to the family in a hallway while they waited to get examined by a doctor. However, when she spotted a life-threatening hematoma on the little boy's head, she knew that waiting for a doctor was no longer an option. She immediately summoned a physician who quickly had the little boy and his mom airlifted out to a pediatric trauma center.

Gernon stayed behind and took care of the woman's toddler and three-month-old baby, and although it was long after quitting time, her only concern was to make sure the children were fed, diapers were changed, and that both children were safe until family members arrived.

"I applaud Casey for noticing the hematoma and possibly saving this little boy's life," said Suk Park, MD, physician in charge, Victorville Medical Offices. "The way she cared for this family is exactly how she cares for our patients daily."