May 25, 2018

Celebrating service

Employees and physicians volunteer their time and talent throughout the year to help improve the community.

At Kaiser Permanente, thousands of committed employees and physicians — along with their families and friends — eagerly volunteer throughout the year and participate in a wide range of projects to improve the community. From painting school murals and packing groceries at food banks, to tutoring children and cleaning up parks, volunteerism seems to be a natural extension of their desire to make a meaningful difference at home and/or abroad.

After all, giving time and talent to improve the lives of others can be rewarding. Many Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians appreciate the opportunity to make an impact beyond their daily routine and enjoy spending time with and getting to know their colleagues outside the work place. Some people also like to volunteer because they value feeling part of their community, learning a new skill or making new friends.

Volunteerism supports Kaiser Permanente’s focus on creating healthy communities as well as a culture of engagement. Volunteerism also provides additional benefits for the work environment. For example, it has been demonstrated that:

  • Employees who volunteer are happier and more engaged in their work
  • Teams that volunteer together show improved collaboration
  • Physicians who volunteer through community clinics or international medical missions often apply their learnings to their practice

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers whose generosity, compassion and commitment to helping others are a source of inspiration for us all! 

"Helping patients outside of Kaiser Permanente in community clinics makes my medical experience that much more fulfilling.”