Request for proposal

Kaiser Permanente Washington periodically announces requests for proposals in line with our community program areas: advancing health equity; increasing access to health care and coverage for people who are uninsured and underinsured; promoting health weight, physical activity and access to healthy food; supporting mental health and access to mental health care; and strengthening economic and educational opportunities for underserved populations.

RISE : Strengthening MTSS Tier 2-3 interventions

Kaiser Permanente’s national RISE initiative encompasses intentional strategies, resources and tools to strengthen policies, procedures and practices to improve the social-emotional learning environment for both teachers, staff and students, with a strong focus on Tier 1 interventions. The investment seeks to accelerate and strengthen the RISE initiative by providing additive resources through an MTSS approach, to strengthen tier 2 and 3 mental health interventions for staff and students. This RFP is open to public school districts and educational service districts.

RFP materials and required templates :