Sponsorships, conferences, and community service

We support community activities and events through sponsorships, community service, conference support, and board placements to foster partnerships that support community needs. Our community relations efforts support capacity building and infrastructure development for our local nonprofit partners, contributing to the economic vitality and the overall health of our communities.

We also collaborate with employee business affinity groups to support specific diverse communities and populations. Our employee business affinity groups include racial and ethnic identities, veterans, and LGBTI.

Sponsorship / Conference Support Overview

We sponsor events and local and national professional conferences held in Colorado that align with our mission and strategies. We partner with community-minded organizations and nonprofits that help to improve the health of Colorado communities. Sponsored events and activities include marathons, walks, fundraising galas, luncheons, conferences, and other community events that have a positive effect on the health of our communities. Sponsorships are primarily focused in the communities in which our medical office buildings are located. We do not sponsor:

  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Political candidates
  • Religious activities
  • Events that are denominational or sectarian in purpose

All requests must be submitted through our online application and are reviewed by a committee, a process which may take up to eight weeks; our average response time is two weeks.

Sponsorship / Conference Online Request Form

Please complete our online request form for all sponsorship and conference support requests. When completing the online request form, follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the request form and attach required documentation
  2. Save your application (if necessary) and return to it later by using the option at the top or bottom of each page; when you return, select ‘Resume a previously saved form’ and use your same login information
  3. Select ‘Confirm’ after reviewing your request form to submit your application

Review the tips on the main page of the online request form before beginning. Be prepared to include the following:

  1. Tax ID Number
  2. Project/Event Description
  3. Event Program
  4. Venue Address
  5. Start and End Times
  6. Event Dress Code
  7. Name of the Keynote Speaker
  8. Event Honorees and/or Award Recipients
  9. Other Project/Event Sponsors at Time of Application
  10. Demographic Information of the Submitting Organization
  11. Board of Directors List
  12. Project/Event Sponsorship Package
  13. Logo and Advertising Specifications and Deadlines
  14. Emergency Medical Plan (for events that include physical activity)

If you have questions, please email KPCO-Community-Requests@kp.org.

Community Service Overview

In addition to financial investments, we are also committed to providing other Kaiser Permanente Colorado assets and resources to improve community health and vitality, including the time, talents, and expertise of more than 7,200 employees and physicians.

Read more about our community service impact.