Advancing innovation

Advancing innovation

Despite our nation’s best efforts at addressing the myriad of challenges facing the health of our communities, we see that social, economic, and health disparities among people continue to grow. At Kaiser Permanente, we’re trying to shift that paradigm by advancing health through the spread of best practices that embrace innovation and technology.

Kaiser Permanente works in partnership with our communities, using our collective knowledge to identify and implement creative solutions to difficult community health problems. Using technology as the backbone of our efforts, we are exploring new approaches for accelerating and scaling community health solutions to create greater impact. Together, we are advancing health innovation and achieving greater and more equitable health outcomes.

Our strategy

Focus the minds of 1 million business, technology and government innovators on the transformative potential of technology, design, and business to improve health outcomes and lower the total cost of health and social care.

Deliver sustainable solutions that are 10 times better than current solutions by designing experiments to test and demonstrate the efficacy of the most promising solutions and partner to bring them to market.

Using technology to combat mental health stigma

Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. suffer from mental illness and far too many will not seek treatment or know where to turn for help. Kaiser Permanente understands that it’s not easy to know the right things to say, much less the right things to do. That’s why we launched a bold plan to tackle America’s mental health crisis — we aim to empower everyone to reach out in big ways and small, online and offline, in real time and with real impact.

Through our partnership with Public Good Projects, an evidence-based public health monitoring and communication nonprofit, we created a social media-centered campaign to amplify authentic, positive stories about mental health conditions. Using sophisticated research and media monitoring, we can curate and filter data from television, radio, print, websites, online video, and social media that provides real-time insight into public perceptions of mental health conditions. We then work with key influencers to amplify content across social channels that helps build awareness and combat misinformation around mental health.

The overarching goal is to shift the online conversation about mental health over time to a more informed and less stigmatizing environment, including conversations among the general public and within media coverage and reporting. In doing so, we hope to decrease stigma and improve social acceptance of mental health conditions and substance-use disorders.

Village Capital

Over the next 45 years, the number of individuals over the age of 65 will double and the number of individuals over the age of 80 will triple, representing the largest demographic shift the U.S. has seen. This puts increasing demand on our health care systems as well as social and civic institutions to make sure that these individuals can age with dignity and independence.

Scalable, cost-effective solutions are needed to go beyond the clinic and tackle the myriad of nonmedical issues that affect successful aging in communities. Kaiser Permanente believes that we can solve these challenges by catalyzing entrepreneurs to develop health technologies for innovative ventures in our communities that support older, aging adults.

In January 2018, Kaiser Permanente and Village Capital launched Health: US 2018, a venture development program for early stage startups dedicated to creating a dignified, accessible, affordable, and successful aging experience, and enabling all of us to live the life we want after 65.

Ten startups took part in several workshops designed to strengthen their business models, leverage the collective knowledge of their fellow participating entrepreneurs, and provide tailored engagements with potential strategic partners. At the end of the program, 2 of the top ventures will receive investment capital from VilCap Investments to further their efforts.